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About us

about us 

Founded in 2010, ALTCON made remarkable progress in the sectors of earthmoving and road construction equipment, experiencing rapid growth that resulted in the relocation of our headquarters to Haps, Netherlands, in 2017. Initially operating out of a 2,500-square-meter facility, we underwent impressive expansion, and by 2023, we occupy a generous 23,000-square-meter space, housing a vast collection of over 400 machines. Our premises feature an in-house workshop dedicated to comprehensive repairs, cleaning, and painting of our machinery, with plans for an additional building and workshop already underway.


ALTCON Equipment - Specializing in the sales of pre-owned road construction and earthmoving machinery, based at our Haps headquarters.

ALTCON Parts - Offering new and used parts for sale, also located at our Haps headquarters.

ALTCON Mietpark - Providing road construction machinery rentals, with locations in Dortmund and Lehrte, Germany.




Paving the way

Our goal

At ALTCON, our goal is to extend the life of used machinery while improving their performance. Once a machine arrives at our workshop, our dedicated team of skilled technicians thoroughly inspect and repair it to ensure the highest quality for our customer. Our rigorous process ensures optimal performance and efficiency, providing our partners with confidence in their machine's extended life and functionality.

Our customers

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation by offering exceptional service to hundreds of clients from more than 60 diverse countries. These clients rely on our expertise and services to deliver reliable used machinery, solidifying ALTCON's position as a trusted leader in the road construction and earthmoving industry.


What you can expect from us

  • Tailored guidance on purchasing, upkeep, and collaboration.
  • Quick repairs due to our comprehensive inventory of spare parts.
  • Financial insights to ensure smart investments in machinery.
  • A team of experts devoted to ensuring your machine arrives in peak performance condition.
  • Access to a global network of partners to locate hard-to-find or out-of-stock machines.
  • Worldwide delivery through our vast transportation partners, bringing your machine right to your door.

How it all

“I noticed that little time was invested in the relationship with the customer. Trading was mainly based on quantity rather than quality. From that moment on, I had one mission. Gathering a passionate team of specialists to grow, spare, and unburden our customers. We provide excellent service from A to Z."

- Rafael, founder and driving force of ALTCON

As a collective, we have evolved into a market leader, boasting an expansive global network. Our team, comprising technicians, after-sales representatives, buyers, and IT specialists, contributes their unique skills and knowledge to our company. We are a solution-driven group committed to offering exceptional service to our trusted clients. For any needs in road construction and earthmoving projects, we stand ready to assist you.

Several business owners came to us for a machine. They have grown with us and have now purchased countless machines from ALTCON. Thanks to our collaboration, they were able to take on projects that were not possible before.

You can buy a machine anywhere, but at ALTCON we look towards the future together. The purchase of a good machine has a significant impact on the development of your company. We spare you in terms of maintenance to make sure that you can focus on interesting projects.

“Our commitment is your reward.”

Thanks to our global network, we can find any machine that fits your needs. If you're uncertain about which brand or type of machinery is most suitable for your company, our sales department will assist you in making the best choice for your company's success.

How we work

Working at

At ALTCON, we continually seek passionate and motivated colleagues who want to make a difference in the world of used road construction machinery. As a global market leader, we attribute our success to the dedication and expertise of our team members. At ALTCON, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact. We value the freedom and autonomy of our employees, encouraging them to bring their passion and proficiency to their work. If you are a proactive, results-driven individual eager to take on new challenges, ALTCON is the perfect fit for you.

Work at ALTCON


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